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drupal themes

11 March 2014

While Drupal by now comes with plenty of themes out of the box, the real power comes with a level of customization obtainable for any site or brand. Prior to learning how to create a custom theme for Drupal, you will require to be known with what’s already present, and what makes a good theme. The official listing of Themes for Drupal is obtainable on You can click on the Themes Page. They are hundreds of Themes available for Drupal through its official site.

Android Kitkat

10 February 2014

Android Kitkat carry all of Android’s most pioneering, most striking, and most handy features to more devices all over.

Android 4.4 is intended to run fast, smooth, and responsively on a much wider range of devices than ever before – together with millions of entry-level across the world that have as little as 512MB RAM. Kitkat simplifies every key component to lessen memory use and brings in new APIs and tools to aid you build original, responsive, memory-competent applications.


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