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9 Most Significant Things You Need to Know About Apple Watch

13 March 2015

Johannesburg: The much awaited Apple Watch is all set to arrive on 24th April 2015 and can be yours for a price starting from $349. But the thing is people are thinking that whether it’s worth buying an Apple Watch? Does it help smart watches to take off or it’s just another wearable that costs too much but does very little. There are certain things you need to know about Apple Watch. Later, you can decide whether to spend your hard earned money for it.

Few significant things you must know about an Apple Watch:

Android Pay is Geared Up to Take over Apple Pay and Samsung Pay!

6 March 2015

Johannesburg: It looks like 2015 is going to be a big year for mobile payments with Apple Pay gaining rapid adoption and Samsung making its way to this game. And now, Google has also decided to ramp up its efforts in this space with Android Pay. Google is now teaming up with T-Mobile and Verizon to preload its mobile payment applications on new Android devices and is also creating a new framework to power payments across its OS.    

5 Credible Reasons to Say Android is better than iPhone

5 February 2015

Johannesburg: Today in the world of modern technology, people are going mobile and are being much dependant on their smartphones for everything. They want all the information right on their fingertip. But the thing is, they are still in dilemma when it comes for buying a smartphone. While both Android and iPhones are patting their back and boasting themselves in their own ways, people are in such a situation where they are not able to decide between an Android and iOS. But here are a few good reasons to say that Android is much better than iPhone.

WatchKit Tool: A Boon for Watch App Developers

26 November 2014

Johannesburg: Apple Watch is an accurate timepiece with fabulous features incorporated with it. It helps you be on schedule, be in touch with the latest updates and so on. These outstanding features make it much more than just a watch.

Apple Maps Aims to be Improved than Google Maps

14 November 2014

Johannesburg: Ever since the introduction of Apple Maps two years ago, Apple has made continuing efforts to improve the maps service and catch it up to its major competitor, Google Maps. The company’s subsequent move to develop Apple Maps is to crowdsource data on local businesses from business owners themselves, employing a new portal that started on quietly in the last week of October.

“Maps Connect” Tool Helps Acquire Local Business Data Directly into Apple maps


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