WatchKit Tool: A Boon for Watch App Developers

26 November 2014

Johannesburg: Apple Watch is an accurate timepiece with fabulous features incorporated with it. It helps you be on schedule, be in touch with the latest updates and so on. These outstanding features make it much more than just a watch.

iOS developers can now make apps for Apple Watch as they have WatchKit software that offers developers a set of tools to easily create apps for Apple watch which enable users to access information right from their wrist. Developers can download iOS 8.2 beta software development kits from Apple’s developer website and make use of WatchKit to create revolutionary apps, glances and actionable notifications for the most innovative Apple watch interface. According to Apple’s words watch apps are not the separate apps but are extensions of already existing iPhone apps. Because the processing power for watch apps is endowed from an iPhone. The wearer has to interact with the watch app and iPhone back and forth to access the information. General tap notifications and other messages on the Apple watch makes the code to execute in your WatchKit extension resides usually on your iPhone.

Developers can build actionable notifications, glances and WatchKit apps which let users to take any action or respond right from their wrist (like switching off the lights while leaving home, accessing flight details or rerouting their directions when a bus or train is late.

Actionable notifications: You can view notification on your Apple watch in two ways (short lookand long look). Short look just offers brief information with the app icon and app name. If the users keep their wrist raised for pretty long time the screen changes to "long look" notification, which provides more information in a customizable way. For long looks, the app icon and name move to the top of the screen and the user can scroll down through the interface to read the description and to perform custom actions such as ‘comment’ and ‘like’.

Glances: Glances are a collection of subsequent moments across the user’s favourite apps. Glances are accessed at the user’s prudence. On Apple watch, a glance is simply a glimpse of focused set of content from an app (live scores of any sports, news and more). Glances will be relevant to the context and time. Glances are:

  • Template based: There are different templates for both upper and lower portions of glance screen.
  • Not scrollable: Content fits on a single screen and is not scrollable.
  • Read only: App can be open by just tapping anywhere on the glance screen.

WatchKit apps: WatchKit apps have an attractive and user-friendly interface. You can launch, interact and control the app in a unique way. WatchKit apps have an extension that runs on iPhone and also a set of interface resources which are installed on Apple watch. The extension on your iPhone runs in the background and responds to user actions whenever app is launched on your Apple watch.

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