Top 7 Trending Android Apps Worth Looking Into

1 October 2015

Johannesburg: Google Play Store offers wide array of applications and it can be enormous at times. Having various categories of apps like photo & video, social networking, productivity apps, news, health and more, it has been onerous for you to decide with the apps you need.

But you don’t have to worry; here we have listed top 7 trending Android apps on various categories among which you can choose the one you need.

Stagefright Detector: Security has been a major concern for most of the Android users. Recently, a vulnerability called Stagefright was detected on Android devices which allow attackers to send malware through MMS message. Those who discovered that vulnerability have also released an app called Stagefright Detector which tells you if your device is vulnerable for that bug. It scans your device completely and tells you if you have to update the operating system.

Yahoo Livetext: It is an amazing video chat app that is relatively different from other video chatting apps. This app is particularly for those who want to video chat with their friends but do not want to speak. Yahoo Livetext offers you a way to do it. Whether you are in a library, classroom or a meeting, you can have live video chats with just the text and no sound.

Oink: Oink can be referred to as a digital wallet for parents and kids. Using Oink, the parents will be able to set up a manageable wallet which can be used by kids for online purchases or in retail stores with parental controls over the funds. This app gives your kids a bit of shopping freedom and also teaches them the importance of money management.

Accomplish: Accomplish is a simple app that allows you to keep your to-do-list updated. The app remembers you the important tasks you need to accomplish. You can easily drag and drop your to-do list into the calendar while having fun planning out your time. Though the app doesn’t offer too many special features, the simple design makes it easy to plan out your tasks in advance.

Mirrativ: With the growing popularity of game streaming, more and more live streaming apps are getting into the Google Play Store and one such app is Mirrativ. The app allows you to live stream any game; it requires Android version of 5.0 or above. Mirrativ allows you to either watch or broadcast your own gameplay. Not just the games, it allows you to broadcast any screen on your device.

Genius: Are you a music lover? Have you forgotten the lyrics of your favourite song? This is probably an ideal app for you. Genius, which was previously released in iOS, is an app that breaks down the lyrics with entertaining line-by-line annotations. You can also up vote or down vote the annotations. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t allow you to edit or create the annotations, but the developers say that they are working on the functionality and it will be added soon.

Hello Heart: High blood pressure is troubling about 33% of South African citizens. If you are also one with high blood pressure, you can try out Hello Heart for Android which helps you keep the readings of your blood pressure. This reduces the chances of risk while improving the health condition. You can also add your medications into the app so that the app reminds you to take them on time.

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