Fascinating Features of Apple Music That Every iPhone User Must Know

7 July 2015

Johannesburg: Recently Apple launched Apple Music, a whole new Music app for iPhone, iPad, iPod along with the launch of iOS 8.4 update. Along with some minor changes, primary delivery of this update is Apple Music, its subscription to the music streaming service and Beats 1. In Apple Music, the music is broken down into three different pillars like the streaming tracks, Beat radio and Connect. All the three together offers a compelling experience to the user.

Once you install the app and you are all set to fire up the music, you will be asked to choose a package; the app asks you whether you wish to use a three month free trial. If you select yes, you will have to pay $9.99/month after the free trial duration. The company manages your Apple Music subscription in the same way it managed the iTunes subscriptions.

Here are some exciting features of Apple Music:

  1. Firstly, Apple tries to figure out your tastes related to music by asking you to select your preferred artists and genres from a stream. After locking your selection, Apple brings you the list of recommended tracks.
  2. On opening the app, you will find an option called ‘For You’ in the bottom left of the interface. This section will have the album suggestions and also introduction to the artists that Apple thinks you would like. Any moment when you are playing a song, you can simply tap on the heart icon which tells Apple to consider your updated musical taste.            
  3. Next to that is an option called ‘New’ which presents you with some new tracks that the Apple’s curators want to introduce you to. This is the section where Apple has hidden its curated playlists that are pretty good.
  4. Then comes the ‘Radio’ option which is self-explanatory; but what’s worth mentioning is, while being the home for Beats 1 Radio, Apple has filled this section with several other radio stations based on the genre.
  5. Besides radio, we have an option called ‘Connect’ which acts as a portal to connect artists with fans directly. As Apple says, this is where the artists give their fans a closer look at their inspiration. This is the main line that takes you to the heart of music- great tracks directly from the artists.
  6. At last, in the bottom right corner of the app’s UI, we have ‘My Music’ where the users can access all their music libraries including the songs they have purchased and the songs they have added for streaming. It is also the place where the users create their own playlist and access them.

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