5 Simple Steps to Remove Virus from Android Devices

27 May 2015

Johannesburg: Many say that viruses don’t exist on Android devices; but they do. To convince you that your device has been infected by virus, you have to either get a dreadful pop-up or your devise has to misbehave. It’s always better to prevent your device from infection by installing some anti-virus apps on it instead of exerting later to get rid of viruses. 

But if you feel that your device has already been infected by virus, you need to perform factory reset to get rid of it completely which leaves your device in the state when it was just unboxed. You will end up losing all the data you have stored if it’s not backed up. So instead of performing factory reset, just follow a few steps mentioned below to remove the virus from your Android device.   

5 easy steps to make your Android device virus-free:

  • Step 1: Put your device into safe mode; this prevents your device from including malware from any third party apps. On most of the devices, you will have an option to restart the device in safe mode but if it’s not working on your device, you can Google the way to put it into safe mode and later you can follow the instructions. Doing this will disable all the third party apps and they will be stored when the device is rebooted.
  • Step 2: Go to settings on your Android device and select app settings, make sure that you are viewing downloads. If you are not sure about the virus that has affected your device, just go through the list and look for the app which you have not installed or the one which you feel that it shouldn’t be on your device.
  • Step 3: Now, tap on the app which you feel that it shouldn’t be on your device. This is just to open the app information page; now click uninstall. This is all you need to do to remove the virus in most of the cases. But sometimes the uninstall button will be greyed out and you will not be able to tap on that button. This is because the virus just takes the status of device administrator by itself. 
  • Step 4: Get out of the app settings, go to security settings and then select ‘device administrators’, where you will see a list of applications installed on your device with administrator status. Just uncheck the box for the app which to want to remove from admin status. Now tap ‘deactivate’ on the next screen and you will be able to return to apps and uninstall the app.
  • Step 5: Now your device will be free from viruses; all you need to do is just restart the device to bring it out from the safe mode. Now your device will be working fine; you can back up all the important data that you have stored on the device and install an antivirus app to protect your device from future virus attacks.

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