5 Credible Reasons to Say Android is better than iPhone

5 February 2015

Johannesburg: Today in the world of modern technology, people are going mobile and are being much dependant on their smartphones for everything. They want all the information right on their fingertip. But the thing is, they are still in dilemma when it comes for buying a smartphone. While both Android and iPhones are patting their back and boasting themselves in their own ways, people are in such a situation where they are not able to decide between an Android and iOS. But here are a few good reasons to say that Android is much better than iPhone.

Better app management: The best thing in Android is the ease of app management. In Android settings, you can find application manager where you can stop running apps and uninstall them if you don’t want. You can also clear the cache for apps which are taking up space. Best of all is that you have an option to set your own default apps. For instance, if you don’t want Google Chrome as your default browser, you can choose the required browser from Google Play store. But this is not the case of iPhone; you won’t be having much control on your apps as in Android.

Widgets on lock and home screens: It’s really a good thing that apple has finally allowed widgets at least in the notification panel. But it’s too late; Android users have been plopping the widgets on the home and lock screens for years now. Most of the widgets come bundled with an app as you download it from Play store. For instance, the FitBit widget lets you track your footsteps and the amount of calories burnt throughout the day.

Interface Customization: iPhone might have given a few perks for interface on iOS 8, but the overall interface is all the same since many years. The same old grid of apps which are stacked one after the other. You have to scroll several screens to find the app you need as you can’t reorder them. But in Android, you can customize the interface the way you want. You can change the order of the apps and you can also use apps like Beautiful Icon Styler which lets you change the icons on your home screen.

Transit directions in maps: Even though Apple has fixed some issues on maps after its disastrous launch in iOS 6, you still can’t get the directions to reach your place by bus. It’s not the case in Android; it gives you the detailed directions on different types of transit like bus and car. And also, you can find Uber integration with Google maps. Though it’s not an exciting thing for some, you will have an option to take a ride when you are in a bind.

Easy split-screen multitasking: Split-screen is not a feature that comes with stock Android but some manufacturers like Samsung and LG have made it a standard part of the interface. It lets you use two different apps simultaneously. At present iOS doesn’t have split-screen multitasking feature. But Android has already launched it in its Lollipop version.    

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