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Top 7 Trending Android Apps Worth Looking Into

1 October 2015

Johannesburg: Google Play Store offers wide array of applications and it can be enormous at times. Having various categories of apps like photo & video, social networking, productivity apps, news, health and more, it has been onerous for you to decide with the apps you need.

But you don’t have to worry; here we have listed top 7 trending Android apps on various categories among which you can choose the one you need.

Fascinating Features of Apple Music That Every iPhone User Must Know

7 July 2015

Johannesburg: Recently Apple launched Apple Music, a whole new Music app for iPhone, iPad, iPod along with the launch of iOS 8.4 update. Along with some minor changes, primary delivery of this update is Apple Music, its subscription to the music streaming service and Beats 1. In Apple Music, the music is broken down into three different pillars like the streaming tracks, Beat radio and Connect. All the three together offers a compelling experience to the user.

6 Ways that Extend the Battery Life of your Android Tablet Incredibly

10 June 2015

Johannesburg: Tablets are the tremendous devices for watching movies, browsing through the Internet and for many more things. But one of the boring things about the tablets is their battery life. Nobody would like to have an alert saying ‘battery low’ when they are watching an interesting movie or when they are hitting a high score on their favourite game.

Fortunately, there are number of ways through which you can extend the battery life of your tablet. Below mentioned are a few ways:

5 Simple Steps to Remove Virus from Android Devices

27 May 2015

Johannesburg: Many say that viruses don’t exist on Android devices; but they do. To convince you that your device has been infected by virus, you have to either get a dreadful pop-up or your devise has to misbehave. It’s always better to prevent your device from infection by installing some anti-virus apps on it instead of exerting later to get rid of viruses. 

New Apple TV is All Set to Strike with Its Captivating Features

26 March 2015

Johannesburg: Talks on Apple TV have been buzzing around for several years, but the company had held back introducing a new model as it wanted to get deals for more content. The latest news is that the Apple is geared up to introduce a new generation Apple TV in few months. It’s also being said that it would also offer developers with a development kit to build apps for the new hardware. The device had not seen a single update from the past three years and it also received a price cut a month back.


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