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A computer reservations system (CRS) or central reservation system is an automated system employed to store and recover information and carries out transactions associated with air, travel, car rental, hotels etc. Initially intended and operated by airlines, CRSes were later on widened for the use of travel agencies. Key CRS operations that book and sell tickets for numerous airlines are called as global distribution systems (GDS). Airlines have relieved most of their direct holdings to devoted GDS companies who make their systems available to consumers through Internet gateways. Recent GDSes usually let users to book hotel rooms, airline tickets, vehicle reservations etc. They also give access to bus reservations and railway reservations in some markets, though these are not always incorporated with the system.

Fortune Softtech Johannesburg being a leader in offering GDS integration services provides exceptional integration of a variety of GDS platforms to diverse web applications. We have designed and built over 17 various airline booking application systems for our patrons and have incorporated a range of GDS platforms to those applications. Owing to our in-depth knowledge of the profitable air travel domain and process, we offer efficient and tailored services at an affordable cost to our esteemed customers. Our competent developers can perform integration of various GDS into a single web application and based on the requirement, can bring effectual GDS Integration services to provide to the changing requirements of any intricacy.

Our solutions for travel agencies to go online include:

  • CMS website/ Online Travel Portal development services
  • Designing services
  • IBE development and GDS integration solutions
  • SEO and SEM solutions

Fortune Softtech Johannesburg comprehends the budding nature of the GDS systems and our professionals are very experienced in incorporating different GDS systems to give easy access to the travel distribution programs. Today GDS unites millions of users and offer them a common platform for booking flights, hotels, cars across the nation.

Some of the major GDS services providers are Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan, Navitaire, Travel Port, Travelocity, Travelweb, Expedia, Hotwire, Tripadvisor, Abacus, to name a few.

Benefits of Global Distribution Systems (GDS):

  • More circulation and publicity
  • Easy integration with travel solutions
  • Powerful back office
  • Making the internet market available 24/7
  • Effective and easy ways to make online reservations on the internet market
  • Fully automated system
  • Straightforward and effortless access of information
  • Distributes content & channel management
  • Saves time and capitalizes on revenue
  • Live data, pricing, availability
  • Increases information correctness and competence


The Global Distribution Systems (GDS) are the WorldSpan, Sabre, and Galileo/Apollo Global Distribution Systems. These systems attain over 800,000 travel agents globally and over 50 million consumers who visit such prominent travel sites that are p........

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