Facebook Lite - A Simple yet Efficient App for Low-End Android Phones

Along with the spinning out apps for stickers within Messenger, groups and new addition rooms, Facebook has launched yet another standalone application called Facebook Lite. It can just be recalled as a simplified version of its mobile website from 2009-2010. Facebook Lite is specifically designed for low-end Android devices available in the market.

The Official Facebook application requires the storage space of about 30MB which loads up slowly and also would require two separate apps if you have to message your friends.   If you are using a low budget Android phone or if your network connection hovers around 2G, Facebook Lite is the best alternative which you can use instead of the official Facebook application.

Wider launch of app is not a certainty!

  • The app was silently launched in several countries of Africa and Asia over a weekend. Nepal, Bangladesh, South Africa, Nigeria, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe are countries in which the application has been launched. The launch and success of this application has proved that the wider launch is not a certainty; but, it is the features of the app which makes it a success.
  • The app is built to accommodate lower-end and older Android devices. Facebook Lite also accommodates those devices with 2G or poor internet connections. Though the app is based on Snaptu, a feature phone client of Facebook, it includes some of the native Android features like camera integration, push notification and so on. This makes the user experience more sophisticated.

Why is Facebook launching yet another app?

  • In the third quarter of previous year (2014), smartphone sales was the fastest growing market, but now the sales are soaring in India and other major parts where mobile device was the primary internet platform for millions.  The reason behind this could be the higher prices of smartphones. So people started opting for lower end devices. Also the people who are having an older device do not want to get a new one.
  • So, Facebook decided to launch an app which accommodates lower end or older mobile devices.  Though Facebook has revamped its Android app specifically for the emerging markets previous year, it’s made sure that it would offer a better experience to any user irrespective of the device or network they are using.

Facebook is already handling its Internet.org project, which offers free access to a range of mobile internet services. Internet.org is presently limited to a certain countries in Africa and as it is being developed along with carriers and other telecom industries, launches are being resource intensive. So, developers thought that it’s better to pull together a ‘Lite’ app which can potentially be pushed to millions overnight. That’s what Facebook’s thinking here.

The early reviews for the app seem positive. It has already crossed over 10,000 downloads with the rating of 4.6 from initial 693 reviewers. The early users tweeting about it also seem to be impressed.

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