6 Beneficial Tips on Shipping that could Help Ecommerce Retailers

Ecommerce Web development has been the major concern for online retailers these days as a full functional responsive website can help them achieve great sales. But website alone is not enough to make your business a success. Business owners need to follow certain tips and strategies to have repeated customers. Shipping is also a major factor that the retailers must be concerned about. Though shipping need not be the first priority, it can certainly trigger high-order values while increasing the sales.

Below mentioned are some tips that could help ecommerce retailers achieve great sales:

  1. Have a clear shipping policy: Leaving your visitors perplexed or forcing them search for your shipping policy definitely annoys them a lot. The prospective customers must be able to clearly determine the shipping cost before their order is processed. They will surely ditch the shopping cart if the final cost doesn’t match with their predictions. You might lose the customer if you make them work too hard to find the shipping cost and surprise them while checking out.
  2. Give options to your customers: First thing you need to understand is that shoppers always like to have more and more options. It might be in the shipping cost or anything. Not all the customers are same who can pay more for their items to be shipped soon. There are some buyers who would like to wait rather than paying more for shipping. Always provide buyers with an option to choose between fast shipping and normal shipping.
  3. Analyse your competitors: It is as equally important as having a good website. Being an ecommerce retailer, you always need to be aware about the things going around. It’s always good to keep an eye on your competitors and their shipping strategies. Just sign up for notifications on their site and order any item from their site so that you will get to know if there are any special deals on shipping and products.
  4. Provide real-time shipping information: The potential customers might abandon the cart if you surprise them by quoting higher shipping charges at the end. There are some services which give you the real time information on what’s there in the cart, what’s the shipping cost and so on. You can integrate any such service with your Magento or Shopify website.
  5. Manage shipping, but don’t ship: Being a business owner, managing a huge amount of inventory and warehouses can be really hectic at times. You can outsource shipping so that you can dedicate your valuable time and energy to think about the strategies and marketing to improve your business.
  6. Talk to your customers: Talk to customers and try to know their experience in terms of shipping. You can ask if they have any feedbacks to give. You can start this with just a follow-up email or a survey after the customers receive their product. After all, customer satisfaction is the main thing in any business.

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