10 Important Reasons to Use Drupal for Developing a Website

Content management systems (CMSs) have evolved to be the most powerful web developing tools on internet because of PHP. In today’s trend where websites are to be built faster, developers are relying on open source CMSs to get their job done. As there are number of content management systems around the web, choosing the right CMS has become ordeal for developers.

If you want your website to be scalable, it is advised to employ content management system instead of using plain HTML pages or Dreamweaver templates. Stop ruminating on choosing a right CMS and have a look at Drupal, an open source CMS which lets you build search-engine-friendly and scalable websites.

Here are the 10 main reasons to use Drupal CMS:

  1. Advanced URL control: Drupal offers an explicit control over the structure of URL. You can give a custom URL (URL alias) to each node in Drupal (object of content). Drupal also lets you automate the structures of custom URLs for each different content type using Pathauto module.
  2. Custom content types and views: It offers different view modules and content construction kit (CCK) which lets you create new content types like blog posts, forum posts, news stories, classified ads, tutorials and podcasts. In any other CMSs, you may have to write some complicated codes to accomplish such tasks. But in Drupal, you don’t require any programming knowledge.
  3. Revision control: You can set up Drupal in such a way that it saves a new version of pages, every time they are modified. This feature lets you revert to the old revisions as and when you need.
  4. Taxonomy: Drupal comes with a powerful taxonomy system which lets you organize and tag the content. Drupal vocabularies can be confined to certain content types. Drupal also lets you have hierarchical categories with single or multiple parent categories. Drupal's high-level taxonomy combined with CCK allows you to target the long-tail keywords researched on Wordtracker.
  5. User management: Drupal enables you to create custom user roles like anonymous visitor, authenticated user, moderator, editor, admin and webmaster. You can also turn off advanced user management features when you don’t need it.
  6. Page titles and Meta tags: Drupal offers complete control of HTML <title> elements whereas Meta tags lets you have a custom control over the page’s Meta description tags. This is quite difficult in some CMSs, but it’s really easy in Drupal.
  7. Excellent documentation: Drupal documentation comprises official handbooks, numerous tutorials, massive API references, videos, blogs and podcasts.
  8. PHP Template: Drupal makes use of PHP template theme engine by default which makes theming easier than any other content management systems. It doesn’t mean that you need to have complete PHP knowledge.
  9. Drupal Cookbooks: If you want to use some feature which is not in-built with Drupal, you can just check out with the code snippet section of Drupal.org as some coders will have written a snippet for it.
  10. Large and friendly community: Drupal forum is highly functional and is an ideal place to get your doubts (on Drupal) cleared. It also offers additional support for queries on channels like Drupal-support and Drupal-dojo.

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